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Navidar Group LLC, an affiliate of Navidar Holdco LLC, is a registered broker-dealer with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (“FINRA”) and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission, is a member of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (“SIPC”). Navidar Group conducts all private placements and any other transactions that require a broker-dealer license.

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Navidar Holdco LLC (“Navidar”) provides independent financial advice on mergers, acquisitions, financial restructuring and similar corporate finance matters. Navidar Group LLC, a Navidar affiliate, is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc. ( and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation ( Navidar Group LLC performs advisory services in connection with private placements and does not sell underwritten securities to investors. It is not a retail broker-dealer, and it does not provide research or analyst reports or solicit or carry accounts for, or offer or sell securities products to, retail customers

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The registration of the mark Navidar® is for private placements of securities for others and financial services, namely, assisting others with the completion of financial transactions for stocks, bonds, and securities, in Class 36, and was issued by the United States Patent and Trademark Office on November 23, 2010 under Registration No. 3,880,414.

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Privacy Policy

Our Firm does not collect any personal information from you via this Site. Furthermore, we do not maintain customer accounts. In general, you can visit this Site without revealing any information about yourself. Our web servers collect the domain names, not the e-mail addresses, of visitors. Our web servers may seek to place a “cookie” (a small data file) on your computer’s hard drive, which allows the server to determine the computer when it visits again. This cookie is not used to obtain your name or any personal data, and the information that we track is only for internal purposes. If you prefer not to accept cookies, you can set your browser to reject them or to alert you before one is placed.

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Business Continuity Plan


Navidar Group LLC (“the Broker-Dealer”) has created and implemented a business continuity plan (“BCP”) in an effort to mitigate the effects related to unforeseen business interruptions. This BCP is designed to enable the Broker-Dealer to continue to deliver our advisory services in the event of an emergency or significant business disruption (“SBD”).

Communications with Employees

In the event of a SBD, the Broker-Dealer will communicate with its employees by use of home or cellular phones, email, or this website. Broker-Dealer employees are asked to remain in a safe location or at their personal residences during a SBD. Actual physical office space is not necessary to the continuity of our operations during a dire emergency and for short periods of time. If required the Broker-Dealer will arrange alternative back-up locations for the staff in Indianapolis and New York areas or in a surrounding area. Recovery time for most of the applications involved in the Broker-Dealer’s business and relocation to alternate locations is expected to range from immediate to 24-48 hours.

Communications with Customers

The Broker-Dealer currently communicates with its clients using the telephone, email, this website, fax, U.S. Mail, other delivery services and in person. In the event of an SBD, the Broker-Dealer will utilize one or more of whichever means of communication are still available. Additionally, if all traditional means of communication are not available, the Broker-Dealer will post (if at all possible) emergency contact information and instructions on its web site ( regarding access to the Broker-Dealer’s representatives.

Books & Records

The Broker-Dealer maintains hard-copy books and records at its New York office and electronic records at an offsite third-party facility. If records are lost as the result of a business disruption or for any other reason, the Broker-Dealer has the means to physically recover data from electronic back-up locations administered by the third-party vendor.

Vendors and Counterparties

The Broker-Dealer’s BCP may need to rely upon the recovery and restoration of services provided by various critical business constituents, at both primary and alternate locations. The Broker-Dealer has considered the extent to which it may be able to depend upon these business relationships during an SBD as a part of the initial decision to do business with the various vendors. Where possible the Broker-Dealer has engaged and/or vetted alternate arrangements in order to avoid business disruptions in the case of a business constituent not being able to provide needed goods or services in an emergency.


The current BCP is designed to address the continued operation of the Broker-Dealer in the event of an emergency situation or SBD. However, all risks of business interruption cannot be eliminated and the Broker-Dealer cannot guarantee that systems will always be available or recoverable following an SBD. Furthermore, the Broker-Dealer has no control over and must rely upon the disaster recovery plans of its various critical business constituents and vendors. Navidar will furnish a copy of our BCP to clients upon request.

The information contained in this disclosure is provided by the Broker-Dealer for informational purposes only, and nothing contained herein shall be construed to amend, supplement or otherwise modify any of the terms and conditions set forth in any customer agreement between you and the Broker-Dealer.