For CEOs, CFOs, board members, and investors in technology and business services companies, Navidar is a valued investment banking partner, senior advisor, and resource that works and thinks strategically, globally, and holistically. Our experience, insight, and effectiveness in creating or finding the breakthrough point in each situation enables us to solve the most complex deal issues.

  • Valuable Operational Recommendations

    We were extremely impressed with Navidar’s creativity in the way that they told the Policystat story to buyers and believe that this led to an excellent valuation and outstanding result. The Navidar team also made valuable operational recommendations which further strengthened our
    business model and value.

    Steve Ehrlich, CEO of PolicyStat
  • International Experience

    Navidar’s execution from the initial phase through closing was phenomenal. Their ability to understand 4DSP’s business, extract the essence of its value, and articulate it in a comprehensive manner was nothing short of a class act. This is not a surprise considering that their skilled team has deep technology investment banking, operating and international experience. They made this complex process feel easy and smooth.

    Pierrick Vulliez, CEO of 4DSP
  • Continuous Dedication

    Navidar’s senior attention and active involvement in every phase of the process was instrumental in ensuring a successful outcome for our shareholders.  Their creativity, continuous dedication, and customized approach to executing M&A processes is a refreshing and results-oriented approach.

    Katie May, CEO of ShippingEasy
  • Deep Understanding of SaaS Software

    Senior attention at every phase of the deal made me feel like my transaction was Navidar’s most important deal. While Navidar has a deep understanding of SaaS software, they were experts at creatively managing the process at every step to ensure a successful outcome.

    Doug Collins, CEO of AppealTrack
  • Rigorous Analytical Approach

    The Navidar team creatively positioned our story to both strategic and financial investors. Thoughtful negotiations and a rigorous analytical approach to demonstrating our value was integral to achieving an outstanding outcome.

    Nathan Jones, CEO of ShipStation
  • Consistently Engaged

    Navidar has a deep understanding of SaaS software models. The senior bankers were consistently engaged in all phases of the transaction which resulted in us achieving outlier results.

    Marc Yagjian, CEO of FeedMagnet
  • Solving Complex Issues

    The Navidar brand value enabled executive level access to large-cap companies and financial investors. Their large bank skillset was instrumental in solving complex issues. Navidar’s operational value-add, thoughtful positioning, and effective negotiation skills were critical in achieving an outstanding outcome.

    Eric Lebow, CEO of Spanlink
  • Cross-border Deal Experience

    Navidar’s global relationships, understanding of our business, cross-border deal experience, and commitment to providing senior banker attention throughout the process were critical differentiators for us. We also found the Navidar team to be analytically rigorous and highly effective in negotiating a successful transaction.

    Gurvendra Suri, Founder and CEO of Optimal Solutions
  • Extensive Manufacturing Relationships

    Navidar’s global reach and extensive manufacturing relationships helped to ensure that we found the best long-term partner. Navidar consistently provided sound, unbiased advice and we felt that they always put Techniks’ interests ahead of their own.

    John Stagge, Founder of Techniks
  • Delivering Creative Solutions

    Navidar’s global reach, understanding of SaaS software companies and ability to navigate complex deal issues really sets them apart from the competition. I was particularly impressed that the entire senior pitch team was the same team that worked with us through every step of the sale process, constantly delivering creative solutions and superior results.

    Eric Tobias, Founder and CEO of iGoDigital
  • Providing Sound, Senior-Level Advice

    From start-to-finish, Navidar was in our corner providing sound, senior-level advice, navigating a complex transaction. Navidar’s deal-savvy banking team, global reach, and ability to quickly understand our business and its drivers is what set them apart.

    Chris Welsh, Co-Founder and General Manager of MWM Acoustics
  • Creative Deal Structure

    Navidar’s banking team has strong cross-border deal expertise, deep healthcare IT industry knowledge, and an understanding of SaaS software models. Navidar’s senior banker attention and ability to run a global process led to a creative deal structure which resulted in a better outcome for our shareholders.

    Joel Haspel, Founder and CEO of Sentient Health